In Feb 2014 I started playing around with Daz3D after years of seeing rendered images on Renderotica and in a number of games. After seeing that Daz was ‘free’ I downloaded it and gave it a go. In Dec 2014 I started with Reality and the Luxrender software and started a Deviant Art gallery. Then came a number of Twine game attempts with the best one being started in May 2015, Celeste Blake: The Evindium Affair then lauched onto Patreon in Aug 2016.

I have to admit I’ve a kinky side and I express it here, I’m not an out and out pervert (well maybe I am) but not all the stuff is about filth. I’ve always liked High Fantasy and Sci-Fi, and clearly I get on with other things (most of the time) that are in no way sexual or kinky.

Everything on this site should be taken lightly, I do not condone any abuse of women or man for sexual purposes. I do not obsess about it, I just accept that all humans have a darker side.

How did I come up with a name ‘Dracis3D’, I don’t really know, maybe a vampire dragon is a suitable avatar, maybe not. But its stuck……….