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www.ulmf.orgAdult Games ForumGood Hentai Games section
http://www.hypnopics-collective.netAdult Games ForumHome of the mind control games Games ForumTransformation games - Often around gender but all transformation games are accepted (lady to slut) Games ForumA mixture of adult games in the sexy games section 3D GalleryThe main place for 3D artwork (porn) Digital ArtThe best place for 2D digital art at DeviantArtMy profile, check out my gallery Favourites at DeviantArtHave a look at my favourites and find some of the best 3D artists ArtistHibbli3D wnt professional when I just found her work. Inspired me to download Daz3D........ ArtistBeen following since 2003. Quite a lot of the 2003 would be seen as ok/good now..... MakerMDPQ - I was clearly inspired by his games.... MakerPaperheads, one of the few adult games I've purchased Story BoardDecent search, some simple games. Will have to create a post on my favourites Interactive FictionThe first adult games were text based "guess the verb". I started with a Spectrum so I get it Story Board & FictionSome great authors on this mainstream adult board
https://www.fenoxo.comGame MakerCorruption of Champions - So much content it is unreal. MakerFight Club - Mainly text based game, liked it a lot MakerRaising the quality bar of adult games. Chucked a few $ his way (drop in the ocean as it turned out) MakerThe lead for RPG Maker with 3D graphics in my view. Now one of hundreds.