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So the good news is that this year will see the completion of Celeste Blake: The Evindium Affair (CB:TEA), not matter what. Having said that I expect that I would update CB:TEA after completion, just a small update, or improvement here and there. I doubt I will complete and say no more, but onto the games……..

All are intended to be made in Twine, all will be a lot, lot smaller than CB:TEA. I reckon all four will be around the size, or smaller than CB:TEA put together. I don’t ever plan to make a game like CB:TEA again. I have done a bit of work on all of them, character design (visual), looking into game mechanics and some renders. Game titles are not set in stone by a long shot.

Blue Mage

Idea: Female mage, with two bodyguards attends a dungeon trial/test. Win the trial and a powerful magical artefact will be hers, lose and well…….. (some unexpected fate). Every area is a challenge where the mage can send one person in, herself or a bodyguard. Over the challenges the mage will use her own mana (magical power) and the bodyguards will fail. The mage will be faced with corruptive options throughout the game.


Idea: Female huntress (think Witcher) gets cursed to transform into a Succubus unless she can gain enough gold to pay a church in XYZ days. To get the money she will have to go for risky bounties and may have to draw on her cursed powers, or make deals with other dark powers to avoid the fate. Game mechanics will be a bounty and then a choice of loadout (crossbow, sword, potions etc). Monsters will be a mixture of low cunning, brute force and magical powers.

Evil Villain

Idea: Male scientist gets beaten to creating a ‘super’ by a close rival, rival then puts him out of business and he goes underground. Turn based strategy with the intention of getting revenge on the rival by humiliating her creation, the super three (superheroines), with a fatal flaw. Super powers, give them super flaws. Find the girls in normal life and corrupt them. Game mechanic will be every turn you get choices, research, crime, investigations and sending your minions into combat.

The Cult

Idea: Female reporter is given a lead about a person who has disappeared. Given a set of leads to investigate she gets closer and closer to the Cult (who toy with the prey)……… A slight horror tone to the game but the key mechanic is corruption of the heroine.

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  1. I like the Cult reporter idea. If you wanted to, you could actually spin that idea into multiple small games. The reporter could investigate a different case each game. Maybe she has to infiltrate a prison in one? Investigate a crooked mental institute in another?

    A lot of potential there for all sorts of shenanigans and you wouldn’t have the pressure of having to deal with all the variables and connected choices like in CB:TEA.

    The other ideas are great too, but they all seem more much suited to a platform like RPG maker (with the emphasis on gameplay and combat) rather than Twine.

    1. That is an interesting extra to it, what I would probably do is interlock them. Initial investigation into ‘The Cult’ and then follow up stories. Not knowing she has been marked by the cult, and influenced by them. I would make the game a more linear path than CB:TEA, I would keep the choice, but limit the free exploration.

      As for RPG Maker I’ve got MV and VX Ace and have played around with them a lot. You would be suprised what can be done with Twine. Blue Mage would have a RAGS feel to it, Huntress similar to CB:TEA where the choice of weapons will dictate how the mission goes.

      The main logic of Twine though is to cut game development time down, RPG Maker takes ages and I would want to do my own sprites.

      1. ” I would keep the choice, but limit the free exploration.”

        A classic style choose-your-own-adventure, huh? I could see that working quite well!

        1. Nearly, it is hard where to pitch the ‘classic’ choose your own adventure as I grew up with gamebooks with skill choices and combat. I then have played internet games where the choices are like a pyramid.

          I suppose the outcome I would want is if you visit TF gamesite and look at Joe Forest’s The Collar and Gatekeepers Wanton Cove. The Joe Forest game has a massive semblance of choice, using the content very well. While the Gatekeeper game has the investigation, but I would take out the free roam, to a choice of leads to follow.

    1. So do I, in all of them the female lead will be corrupted. The Cult probably less, but a bit more gritty and sinister is the intention. As for the Blue Mage, the wizard/mage who set the dungeon up is a raging pervert (like the author?)

  2. Congrats on approaching the end of CB:TEA! It’s a huge project, good job on seeing it through.

    My preference is toward the story elements more than the stat-building or management mechanics, which are nice but I think of as more of an interlude between the good bits. Cult and Huntress seem the most interesting to me, it seems like they have enough story elements and a journey of personal development of the main character to be close to a narrative. Will the Cult be Lovecraftian? Also, I love the Witcher 🙂 Isn’t it odd, though, that a church would be involved in the curse, or require a payment to lift it? I could see it being a capricious Fae prince(ss) demanding reparation for a perceived slight, or a curse from a darker being that requires the gathering of rare ingredients to brew an antidote.

    By contrast Mage sounds like little more than a dungeon crawl, and while Villain seems to have a story, it sounds like the main character is largely a comic book villain, so there’s not much of a personality or personal journey behind it. Maybe that’s just because we don’t have enough information to go on, though.

    1. I always wanted to write a novel, and I still might. Hence CB:TEA tries to have a storyline in there, but from experience if I do another more story based game it would be linear and more in line with clever ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’. I would write it so actions earlier in the game, could come back to haunt you.

      I have always tended to be a SciFi and fantasy reader, so I’m deep with Lovecraftian, probably the only supernatural I have read is the Dresden Files, which try and bring together Christian demons, Sidhe/Fae and vampires into one pot. So what I am saying is that I am a little ignorant. My approach for the Cult is a demon worshipping group who brainwash or kidnap a girl to be the ‘bride’. With the ‘Huntress’ the church logic was going to be a dark church, slighly underground who offer alternative ways of getting money (to pay their fee).

      Mage was actually inspired by RAGS games with only a few rooms, I wanted to try that mechanic in Twine, but there is almost zero story with it, really more of a corruption/smut game. Villain is more of the same, there will be a basic plot (villain wants revenge), but not much of a character. Cult is the most story focussed and I really, really considered making it as a visual novel, I just was a little worried that I would be constrained by images. It is worth noting that with CB:TEA if images are hard, I don’t bother!

  3. In order of preference, my list would be Cult > Huntress > Blue Mage > Villain. But I really like Spooky’s idea of using the same main character in several games, either sequentially or as a sort of alternative universe (perhaps the journalist begins every game in the same briefing, but being assigned a different task).

    1. I like Spookys idea as well, I would do it sequnetially but probably a prequal to start. It all depends on how sexually forward the character is in the Cult (basically how corrupted at the start) for a prequal to explain the reason. The sequal would probably have the character finishing a good end and becoming a paranormal style reporter, or agent. But this is getting ahead of the idea.

  4. I tend to enjoy games that are primarily mechanics focused, which sounds like your description of Evil Villain. From playing CB:TEA, it seems like writing / storyline is your strong suit, so Blue Mage (being a branching series of endings) or the Cult (being a linear-ish game) probably play into that best. Huntress seems like it would be a mix of mechanics and story which could be interesting, depending on whether the trade-offs are interesting and the plot is.

    1. I like mechanic based games as well, and I enjoy the logic of building a system where you don’t get too much duplication of events. Stories or sequential events are easier to control though, so with CB:TEA most of the side content is sequential, action A means that the next visit equals scene 3.

      Evil Villain would be similar to this http://www.tfgamessite.com/index.php?module=viewgame&id=606

      Just add a storyline, characters that you can capture and corrupt, images etc and you are there.

  5. I am also going to vote in favor of The Cult, with the understanding that it could be expanded to a series of investigations (both before the cult mission, for more light/easy-to-right fare that needn’t have complex long-term effects, and stories after the cult, which may turn out to be cult “initiation” or corruption challenges that will have complex and long-lasting effects. As a story-writer, you would tackle these in pretty much any order you want to, and even take outside submissions or writing commissions.

    Like many here, I am interested in the story and the characters. If there were no combat at all that would be just peachy.

    1. There are a lot of options for a reporter, going under cover to simple office harrassment so yes the idea is solid. Though at first I think I would like to try a range of games. Rather than commit to a series.

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