Moving Forwards

Spent some time today building the website up, really not sure if I’m really going to use the blog feature. Maybe a weekly update? Does anyone actually look at these pages?

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  1. Hey, just tried out your game, and it was really fun! Keep up the great work! I’d say keep the blog updated, even if it’s copy pasted from patreon. I’m definitely keen on supporting you. I do wonder how often you update the game or plan to update the game. If you demonstrated a frequent update cycle on your blog, it would certainly convince a lot of people to support you. And, you deserve it, man. 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting, I suppose I find the internet can be so lonely sometimes that I don’t post. At least on Patreon I know people read it, and reply. I’ve been a little slack with this website though…….

  2. I think you should definitely update on this blog. Maybe post a weekly or monthly progress update, talk about your plans, other games, etc. It’s the best way imo to build a community around your work rather than having it spread across a bunch of different websites + patreon. If you link people to the website as a place where they can access the game/read updates, I’m sure they’ll head over here.

    1. You are right, but it is a hard one for me. I’m sure people who like my stuff would visit, but quite often it feels like you are talking to yourself on the internet. Look at the Hypnopic’s Forum, very few replies on the topic now. I appreciate that people often read it, and I don’t get paranoid and count ‘times read’, but I do think to myself; blog or write game content.

      But there are other things I could blog on, other peoples stuff for instance.

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