CB:TEA – Game Balancing

In May I published the following as the content I intended to produce to finish the game. I’m a good way through this now, but need to start thinking about game balancing. Why?

In a recent play through I noticed the following:

  1. Stat increases were slow. Meaning in one play through the player could go through a lot of smut! (I probably need to double most scores)
  2. All missions were soon exhausted (leaving the player to mop up other scenes and unable to escape the planet)
  3. There were at points, too many options available to the player.
  4. The order of events was mixed up. This will impact some of the game endings I want available
  5. It allowed multiple return visits to ‘favourite’ locations. Some tracks could be wiped out
  6. The ship takes too long to be repaired (though this was a guess based on content amount and finding variables that will change the ending)
  7. In one playthrough you should not experience all the smut the game has to offer.

I want the player to have a lot of free choice, but I am minded to restrict some of that choice at the beginning.  What I am thinking is that more locations will have to be found through exploring.  The more important locations would come first, with a bit of randomness for the others.

I am tempted to create a ‘thoughts’ line as well. Celeste thinking about her ‘priorities’ both meeting objectives, and temptation.

Unlocked locations will appear in lists, like the ‘other locations list’ now. I will instead create three lists for Downtown, Space Quarter and Red-Light District which will contain all locations (some unlocked via exploring, others through actions).

Before I do anything, I’m going to finish off writing a number of loose ends.  To be fair I always knew at some point I was going to have to re-arrange content.

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