Other Games – Part I

So, I thought I would write a post on games I play, like or follow. This won’t cover them all, but look at it as a recommendation. All are text heavy, though most have images as well.  I’ve not put them in any order by design. All are played as a female character, which I suppose is my kink, though I play/try anything. It is just a male character needs to be interesting, and I dislike any form of ‘dating’ game.

Fight Club – Magma

A game that started in 2013, stopped, picked up by someone else, dropped and then reborn (June 2016)! Only to find on its Patreon launch that the owner of the game engine wanted a commercial license fee. Luckily Magma took the effort to port the game to Twine and it was reborn again (Nov 2016). Since then it has been steady work and I reckon the game could be near completion by the end of the year.  What is it about….. A corruption game of a strong female fighter who can possibly come out on top, but more likely to end up very corrupted. An altogether new girl.

Magma offers the latest release to Patreon’s only.   http://fightclubreborn.tk/

Tales of the Drunken Cowboy (TODC) – MDPQ

One of the few, large and ambitious projects that has been completed. It took the author 5 years of regular effort to complete the game. I’m pleased that MDPQ is doing well with his latest game on Patreon, I’ve not played the new game since concept demo stage as I’m happy to wait until it has substantial content. Why? TODC blew me away with the sheer amount of content and options when I first played it about the 0.6 release. I want to get the same experience again.

As for TODC it is a RAGS game which pushed me over the edge to start CB:TEA, everyone should play this game.


Nefarious – Bob Denard

Started Oct 15 and last updated in Aug 2016 this game is not dead, but is slowly being developed. Current update is taking longer due to conversion from RAGS to TWINE. It is a superheorine in peril game with a hypnosis theme (getting reprogrammed). Where Bob is king is in ideas, Bob is the king of original thinking and imagination. I feel quite boring and ‘copycat’ in comparison. I have to admit I really, really enjoy this game at every update, as I just don’t know what is coming next. While other games (like my own I suppose), you can make a good prediction on the smut, with Bob, no.


The Adventures of Captain Susan Lochley – Orc Dominion

This to me is a Star Trek styled game with a Captain…. Sexualised (is all I will say). When complete it will be a short game, but hey, short games can be pushed out in a year. The author is a prolific writer of erotic short stories (non game) in a fantasy setting.  I enjoyed it, is all I can say.


Therapist – RFPNJ

In the simpler set of games, this a good fun romp with lots of photo’s and gif images. Of image based mediums I tend to prefer real photos and 2D over 3D, this game is full of photo images and gifs and I like it as ‘light entertainment’! Might have to contribute to it myself one day.

I’ve not played it since a Patreon was created by the coder, who continued what was an abandoned project. The original author went off to chase the Patreon big bucks.


Life Choices – Burningsun

This is different to all the others in that it is a simulation game. Basically, you are an 18 year old girl, who ran away and now is renting an apartment and needs a job. How you direct the girl impacts what happens next. I found that the game has lots, and lots of promise. I think it needs a bit of balancing at the moment but I’m really keen to see how it develops.


So I’m going to post another two blogs on this vein, the best of TF and a selection of RPG Maker games.

Feel free to suggest any I missed on this post.

6 Replies to “Other Games – Part I”

  1. I always liked RAGS version of Shield High (http://puddinggames.blogspot.com.au/). The idea of all-girls school in which hierarchy is decided by fighting is really hot. I really liked that there are so many girls with different personalities and you can have relationship with many of them. And did I mention sex slavery? Yes, that’s also hot. Author is working on this game with new engine, but so far I’m unimpressed, shame, because RAGS version is great

    1. Yeah, this game used to make pretty good pace in production and a few of the Kallie scenes were commissioned by me. Shame switching to a homemade engine bogged it down.

  2. Never played the game so I gave it a go, ended up downloading three versions and gave them all 5 mins. I would agree RAGS was the best version. Still I found the RAGS quite tricky as the game opens up with so many options, but I’ve only played 5 mins or so.

    As you say, clever concept but the interface needs work, especially on the later versions. I think a hub menu driven format would probably work best.

  3. most cant played on android which is bad for me i only use my phone but i am sure they are grwat thanks for sharing.
    what about your game its the one i am looking forward the most any progress update would love to see where celsete end up with the biker chick and the blackmail girl keep us posted great game you have here i enjoyed playing it alot .

    1. I’m still mainly a PC user, my phone is really just a phone and a browser in emergencies! It should be ok on tablets, not that I’ve tried it.

      With regards to the two areas you mentioned, both are really side events so I will see. I get where you are coming from, I find with adult games that some of the side events are the best bits!

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