Outstanding Content: CB:TEA

So CB:TEA is reaching completion and I am creating a public list of what is outstanding, for two reasons really. Firstly so people can comment and say if I’m missing anything obvious, and secondly in that I owe some extra content to previous $20 patrons. So the below is the content I have planned to put in:

  1. The last mission – More story related than smut
  2. Pink Pussy Cat content
  3. Jane conversations (to help game pacing)
  4. Set of game endings on escaping Evindium (both good and bad)
  5. Remove & Update old images
  6. Loose Ends:
    • Rocks Gym
    • Fantasy Wear
    • Kinky Stranger
    • Space Quarter Encounter
  7. Additional in-game submission Bad Endings
  8. Extra Space Quarter random scenes
  9. More content for allies & relationships

Comments welcome.



7 Replies to “Outstanding Content: CB:TEA”

  1. HI

    The list you’ve made sound fine. A couple of other small things I thought of were:
    (1) add a scene with Sid in there in some way, say in a bad ending, and (2) and I don’t see a direct comment about the mysterious woman in the ‘meanwhile’ sequence; maybe you should have a couple of short written scenes on say day 75 and then day 85 showing her getting closer and closer to Evindium just to help create a sense of urgency about the crew getting off planet.
    I chose those days as I think the ship takes about 80 days to be repaired…

    1. I like the idea with the mysterious woman, pacing is something I really need to add into the game. I currently have one scene. Ship repair is based on Days + Days currently, so the day it is complete will vary based on when you started it.

      Sid will feature, I doubt I will render him. I can’t make my mind up on how he will look!!! 99% of 3D models go for the male/female model look as well.

  2. Just my opinion, but I think you should focus on tying up the loose ends the game has rather than proceeding with new stuff. There’s a number of scenes in the game that lead to dead ends or where there are hints that there’s more to come (like with that girl in the Chinese restaurant who you humiliated during the fight), so imo it would make sense to finish that stuff before advancing the story.

    Going back and updating old images is probably the least important, since I think the pictures that are already there aren’t bad.

    1. The comment about the pictures is quite common, people are least bothered about them in the main. It is just when I started there were not many other games with images, so I kept the quality low. Now they are really common.

      Loose ends is partly why I started this post, to get a feel for what people would like added to. There is some new content that I feel oblighed to create, to build on the game basing, or to cover off quiet areas.

  3. The mysterious stranger, the loose ends with the blackmail girls, the fantasy wear villain and Sid’s “other” Black Widow would all be my priorities to finish before the game conclusion.

    1. Last two have planned content, the first two I need to add something but I’m not sure what. But I will add something.

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