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What have I been up to……. Well after Christmas I felt I deserved a break so purchased Witcher 3 and subsequently completed it, I got the Game of the Year version but did not really play the side content. I really enjoyed the storyline, which was very clever in the moral dilemma arena. I also got side-tracked with a number of AIF fiction games, you know the games made with TADS where you write in the commands. With a bit of perseverance I got further in a number of them than I had years ago (when I last played a number of them).

I found myself quite piqued by the British Fox games, in these games you play a slut of a superheroine (who gets captured a lot) and I was amused that the author was influenced by Superheroine Central. This for those that don’t know is a website that has been going for years, maybe around 15 years at least? This was a site which I used to frequent a good decade ago as well, and looking at it recently it does not appear to have changed much. Clearly still being updated which is a good thing, and caters for a heroine in peril situation (which floats my boat). But my thoughts were that with the authors support a variation of the game could be made fairly quickly in Twine, with a few renders of course. However the author appears to have disappeared off the face of the earth, so that is probably totally off the cards now. I did get a bit carried away and created a test character, renders can be found here; http://sta.sh/21slh67h3iqu (Deviant Art)

This leads into the main point of the post, the next game activities. I think it is a given that ‘The Cult’ is a game that resonates well with everyone, game planning is going quite well for it, probably the biggest choice is how the character goes through corruption. The choices really are in my view either:

  1. Marked by ‘The Cult’ – Dreams, compulsion and awakened (or rampant) sexual desire (If you have played Nefarious by Bon Denard you will get the idea).
  2. More subtle – The investigation will encourage deviant behaviour and the reporter can head down a slippery slope

Why is this important? It comes down the game endings, while I will create a few investigation failed elements (to give it a certain amount of challenge) I do like the idea of total corruption. A willing offering to the Cult would be a fitting game ending, as well as the typical good ending leading to bad news for the Cultists. The game will also include non-graphic death as an ending, just the tricky part will not be annoying players with walk down XYZ path equals meeting mad zombie. Suspense will be the trickiest part for me in making the game.

As for the other games, opinion seems to be mixed. Both the Blue Mage and the Huntress will be shorter games, the Blue Mage more so as it will be a collection of rooms, the Huntress more a set of mini missions. Super Villain is the hardest one for me, I want to make a turn/stat based game, I need to give it a go to understand the time to return aspect. But I do really like my superheroine in peril theme, I did make a collection of characters for a game back in April 2016 (http://dracis3d.deviantart.com/art/Superheroine-Raw-602820601). The plan was these would be the enemies in Super Villain, and being a bad guy they clearly need to be captured and humiliated………

Some of may have noticed that I share a flaw, along with a lot of game makers. I have a habit (or enjoyment) of creating new game ideas, rather than a tireless drive to get the first one completed. What I have learned though is game size, all future endeavours are going to be a lot, lot shorter than CB:TEA.

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